sexless marriage

A sexless marriage refers to a marital union with little or no sexual activity between the involved spouses. It’s this kind of a marriage that has led to the ever growing popularity ofnevada brothelsover the years. Today, there are many spouses in marriages where they feel alone despite being close to each other most of the times.

Many married couples today have periods over which they do not have sex. Generally a dry spell happens even among couples that seem very happy together. Nevertheless, a sexless marriage subject is treated like a taboo.

After being married for some time, spouses can start feeling like they are roommates rather than sexual partners. This makes dry spells a cycle that eventually leads to a sexless union. Here are some of the causes of a sexless marriage.

Intimacy Anorexia

Intimacy Anorexia happens when one of the spouses in a marriage withholds sexual, emotional, and spiritual intimacy. For instance, one spouse can be too busy for the other. They can also blame the other partner for their relationship problems and withhold praise, love, and sex.

Sexual Addiction

Some spouses in marriage are cheating on their partners, getting addicted to pornography, and even masturbating. A man can even have fallen in love with a companion that he turns to whenever he needs sexual satisfaction because he is emotionally and sexually detached from his wife. Such issues have led to manysexless marriagesand eventual separations or divorce cases.


One sign of depression is lacking interest in sex. Depressed individuals have low energy and they have difficulties making decisions, concentrating, and sleeping. Some end up losing or gaining weight while others feel worthless. When depressed, some people have suicidal thoughts. These hinder them from enjoying quality moments with their wives.

Sexual Abuse

If a spouse in a marriage has experienced sexual abuse in the past, it can trigger their sexual shut down. This can happen out of nowhere and it’s one of the reasons why many men hang out with female companions. If a wife denies his husband sex due to sexual shut down, he may think that she is cheating or not interested in him anymore. This can compel him to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

Low Sex Drive

One characteristic of low testosterone or male hormone is low libido or sex drive. It’s also characterized by anxiety, low energy, sleep disturbance, hair loss, and weakness. However, even women can have low sex drive. This is characterized by inability to or lack of orgasm as well as vaginal dryness. Such issues can lead to a sexless marriage.

When in a sexless marriage, you can always turn to aneros escortsfor sexual satisfaction or address the issue with your partner. When unable to address the underlying issues, some spouses end up divorcing or separating.

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